and the CDC identify 3 actions that can help prevent injuries as you age. Although it is targeted at Medicare beneficiaries, everyone can take something away!


The first thing the CDC recommends is to talk with your doctor about fall prevention. There are many forms of prevention from household items to prescriptions made for daily assistance. Health conditions like osteoporosis or hypotension can increase your risk of falling, but are treatable. For Medicare beneficiaries, try bone mass measurement, which can help identify if you have (or are at risk for) osteoporosis, if you meet certain conditions.

The second action you can take is to ask your doctor or pharmacist to review the medicines you take. In general, it is a good idea review prescriptions regularly. But, specifically review medicines that make you dizzy or sleepy, as they can increase your risk of injury. Sometimes switching from a generic to a name brand, or vice versa, can still treat your medical condition but with fewer side effects.

The last action, is ACTION. Balance is extremely important to prevent injuries, and having good balance could be the difference between a small trip and a detrimental fall. Here are some exercises to strengthen your legs and improve your balance.

Again, just because you aren’t to Medicare age yet, doesn’t mean we can’t all follow these actions for a more healthy and safe life!

Learn more from the CDC HERE.