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Paying for an unexpected hospital stay may have longer lasting effects than the accident itself. According to a study conducted in 2022, 66.5% of all bankruptcies in the US were tied to medical issues. We can help you avoid that with a supplemental plan that offers a cash benefit following an accident and/or hospital stay. 


These plans can help you manage unexpected medical costs and focus on your recovery:


Critical Illness Plans

These plans are designed to supplement your major medical insurance and help you financially if you’re diagnosed with a serious illness – this can include cancer, heart attack, and/or stroke. They provide a lump sum cash benefit upon your diagnosis that can be used toward anything you need whether that’s out-of-pocket medical costs, lost income, child care expenses, or anything else.


Accident Plans
These plans provide financial protection in case of accidental injuries. They do not cover illnesses, but provide a lump sum cash benefit for covered accidental injuries that can be used for expenses like deductibles, copays, lost wages, or even transportation costs due to the injury


Hospital Indemnity Plans

These plans provide a cash benefit specifically for hospital stays. They pay a fixed daily benefit for each night you are admitted to a hospital. This cash can be used for various expenses related to your hospitalization, offering some financial relief. 


Recovery Care Plans

These plans are designed specifically to help with the costs associated with recovery after a covered illness or surgery, such as in-home care or rehabilitation. They typically provide a cash benefit that can be used to bridge the gap between what your major medical insurance covers and the additional expenses you might incur during recovery.


Whether you have a young, active family or want some additional protection as you get older, accidents can happen to anyone at any time. Let us help find you the best coverage to protect you from your biggest risks. 


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