Steps to take when comparing Medicare to 20+ employer insurance
STEP 1: Talk to your employer to see if your current insurance will change at age 65.
STEP 2: Gather all documents pertaining to your employer-sponsored insurance.
STEP 3: Find a comparable Medicare plan—either traditional Medicare A, B, D plus Medigap,
or a Medicare Advantage plan.
STEP 4: Figure out which plan is a better value by comparing prices and benefits.
STEP 5: Consider other factors, such as spousal insurance, whether you’d have to change your doctors, etc.
STEP 6: Get a second opinion from a trusted insurance agent or consultant.


  • Can you see the doctor you want? Are the right specialists available if you need them?
  • How much will you have to pay for your medications?
  • What are the monthly premiums?
  • What other out-of-pocket costs might you incur based on your expected health care usage?
  • Are family benefits important? If the decision to go off the employer plan would affect your spouse’s insurance, add the cost of spouse’s coverage to your analysis.