No matter how old you are, you can never be too organized in case something happens to you. Even if your organization makes sense for you, here are some ways to make sure others can find what they need if you are not able to help.

#1) Make room physically either in boxes, filing cabinets, or electronically.

#2) Gather documents into one spot if they are in multiple places.

#3) Set up your files by creating folders based on categories such as: Bills, Statements, Receipts, Taxes, etc.

#4) Decide how long you need to keep each document and separate documents into long-term, short-term and indefinite categories.

#5) File your documents by physically putting them away in the files or drawers, or spend time organizing on your computer.

#6) Stay on top of it throughout the year. The more time you can take now to keep it organized will only help you and others when you need to find a document in an emergency.

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