Here’s a list of items to review annually to make sure you get the best coverage.

☐  Gather all health insurance information.
☐  Look over all options, including current coverage.
☐  Review last year’s usage of services and estimate what you think your doctor visits and potential procedures will be.
☐  Create a list of all physicians everyone in the family uses and see whether they are in-network.
☐  If you’re thinking of using an out-of-network provider, see if there will be any coverage outside of the network.
☐  List out all prescription drugs the family uses, including new medications you may need next year. Formularies change from year to year and vary from carrier to carrier.
☐  View all new employer benefits that accompany health insurance coverage.
☐  Know all open enrollment deadlines and plan accordingly.

Download the full PDF below which has additional information about network providers, prescription drug coverage, health care reimbursements and more.

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