Medicare is more complicated than most people think. Here are ten of the most common questions that come up on Medicare. 

With the baby boom generation entering retirement, many have questions about Medicare. People are confused—both about how the system works, and how these inner workings affect their retirement decisions. These ten questions address some of the most common sources of confusion around Medicare: When to sign up, what to do if you are still working, how much it costs, and more. 

  • When should I sign up for Medicare? 
  • Can I keep my same doctor? 
  • What if I’m still working when I turn 65?
  • What about my spouse?  
  • What if I sign up for Medicare and then get a job that offers health benefits? 
  • I retired at age 60 and went onto my former employer’s retiree plan. Do I have to enroll in Medicare at 65? 
  • How much does Medicare cost?
  • How much does Medicare cover? 
  • Does Medicare cover long-term care? 

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10 Common Medicare Questions Answered –Elaine Floyd, CFP®

Elaine Floyd, CFP®, is the Director of Retirement and Life Planning, Horsesmouth, LLC., where she helps people understand the practical and technical aspects of retirement income planning.