My Medicare Transition Team

We are experts in the Medicare field dedicated to helping your employees understand and take control of all their options. As employees approach the age where they may consider transitioning into Medicare, it is important they understand their options. Sifting through overwhelming information and deciphering what is accurate or potentially misleading can be daunting.

Our complimentary services are designed to help your employees navigate their options to make an informed decision of what the best coverage is for them and their family.


How we help

Contrary to hearsay, employees are not required to enroll in Medicare and can remain on a group health plan that serves as creditable coverage without penalty at age 65 (if there are at least 20 employees and they would like to continue to work).

We are available to your employees as a complimentary service to bring clarity to an overabundance of information which include…

Understanding Parts A, B, C and D

Learning about benefit coordination

How to strategize coverage with a Non-Medicare spouse

Creditable coverage through COBRA guidance

Specific knowledge for employees with disabilities

Confidently avoiding costly and long-lasting Medicare penalties


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